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Wear the Roses and Eat the Chocolate!

It's always a treat to receive a bouquet of roses and a fancy box of chocolate on Valentine's Day or some other occasion that warrants such a expected gesture.

When it comes to other days when self pampering is needed it's best to do it with a simple body treatment of rose water paired with a serving of dark chocolate enjoyed throughout the day.

Have on hand a bottle of Heritage Store Rose Water with Glycerin and start the morning off with a generous amount sprayed then combed through the hair and applied to the face as a toner. As the solution dries enjoy a square of Dark Chocolate with a cup of coffee or tea.

In the afternoon apply lotion to pick yoursef up with rose water to the arms and enjoy another square of chocolate as the wondrous and hydrating formula absorbs.

Lastly end the day with a mixture of rose water and lotion to the legs/feet massaging them and of course savor a final piece of dark chocolate for dessert while relaxing.

The best way to enjoy roses is to WEAR them from head to toe! The aromatic magic of this flora is best paired with a single serving (3 squares) of Ghirardelli 92% Dark Chocolate separated throughout the day.

"You are worth it!"

Hugs 🤗🖤


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