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The Hair, Skin and Nail "Happy Pill" connection

The world is full of lotions and potions promising INSTANT results for hair, skin and nails usually at a hefty price tag. It seems the quicker the promise the higher the price. These products may work temporarily on the surface yet true hair, skin and nail health begins deep within.

Diet and supplementation yield true dermal health over time with many factors in play.

After losing my hair from Covid I tried making my own essential oil hair serum of mint, clary sage and tea tree oil. The spray instantly helped my hair from falling out but very little grew back after many months. Whatever was needed to make it grow was lacking on a cellular level. A quick fix wasn't the way.

I invested $3.29 on a supplemental complex from the highly reputable SWANSON company. The rather large tablets contain 7 active ingredients and are recommended twice daily. After researching the formula I learned it helped with much more than dermal. It actually helped improve cellular health in complex ways with the nice hair, skin and nails actually being a side effect of happy cells.

The following ingredients were known to help with mood, energy, pain and immunity first and foremost.


Metabolism, mood, liver,

cellular health.


Pain relief (joint/arthritis) anti inflammatory, muscle recovery, common allergy relief, keratin strengthener, prevents cancer


Fluid retention relief, kidney/bladder stone treatment, wound healing,

joint health


Treats arthritis, lung diseases, prevents treatment for OCD, Bipolar, Addiction, Memory and Cravings. Improves dopamine function, fertility. Free radical scavenger improving immunity. Stabilizes blood sugar, insulin resistance and improves vein dilation to prevent heart attacks and diseases.


Regulates serotonin, dopamine, insulin and hormones.


UBV and sun protection. Reverses gray hair back to normal color.

It's no surprise that overall health including mental health require vital nutritional elements first and then benefits of healthy hair, skin and nails result from it over time.

After trying this formula I noticed increased energy and focus from day one. My mood was better and I slept more sound too. I will follow up on the dermal results of this supplement in 30 days and welcome any comments about this post.

Hugs from Ang!


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