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Natural Soap

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Ozempic Story

Ozempic has been part of my life for over a year. Here is my story It all started in February of 2023. My weight was 280 pounds in a...

FLU SHOT BLUES? It’s not your imagination

After receiving the flu shot a few days ago my mind felt “different” But why? Here is the scoop on why your brain may not like the flu...

Her Majesty

New Episode of Girl Crush Chronicles about Her Majesty!

Bringing Healthy Back

Smile on purpose throughout the day it will help release happy hormones! Try it now and wear it well. Hydrate by consuming half your body...

Drumming for Dad

Shane Hawkins, 16, played his heart out on the drums to “My Hero” in a Tribute to his father Taylor Hawkins. Oliver Taylor Hawkins was an...

Avon is Awesome!!

We are now affiliated with Avon to offer the best in the beauty business right at your fingertips! www.Dollfaces.Site

Breathing and Tapping to Chill

If you don't have time to meditate and need an instant chill pill solution give this two minute solution a go. Breath in slowly to a...

Girl Crush Chronicles

Check out a new and fabulous series of mini podcasts. Girl Crush Chronicles is about women...

Clary Sage for the Rage

Clary Sage as an essential oil is worth getting to know. Here are some of the benefits. Hot Flash Relief Depression/Aniexty Relief...

Hummus for Happiness

Chickpeas are the main ingredient in the ever popular hummus and are also known as garbanzo beans. With a light nutty flavor and creamy...

Wear the Roses and Eat the Chocolate!

It's always a treat to receive a bouquet of roses and a fancy box of chocolate on Valentine's Day or some other occasion that warrants...

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